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Find free expert advice, tips, articles, and unbiased information for business buyers, sellers, and franchise owners at the Acquireo business for sale resources center.

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    From finding ideal candidates to negotiating and financing your purchase, our business buyer articles are sure to guide you and lead you easily through the process of buying a business.

  • Seller resources and articles

    Are you preparing to sell your business? Avoid the obvious mistakes of others and enhance your success by including these valuable tips and ideas. Any one idea can mean thousands extra for you.

  • Franchise resources and articles

    Owning and operating a franchise is different a standalone business - or is it? Whether you’re new to business ownership, a seasoned franchisee, or a corporate franchisor you’ll find useful tips and ideas here.

  • Business for sale blog

    Enjoy fast and light reading flavored with a touch of humor and sprinkled with business ideas you can use. From tips to sell your business, how to buy a business, small business information you can use, or simply to learn how to get the most out of Acquireo, you’ll find valuable information in our company blog.

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    View listings of select firms and services including real estate, finance, legal, technology and more. Does your business fit into any of our categories? Submit your website for linking.

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    Subscribe to Acquireo’s RSS feeds to get businesses for sale information delivered directly, quickly, and easily to your RSS feed reader! We provide a vast array of RSS feeds for our business categories, locations, and tags.

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