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Global Outsourcing for corporations only? Think again

By • Jul 8th, 2008 • Category: Small Business Guide

If you think that outsourcing is for big corporations, then you are mistaken. Global outsourcing is very common among small businesses in United States. Main Street businesses from car dealers to advertising agencies are finding it easier to farm out software development, accounting, support services, and design work to distant lands.

Check this interesting article out  at Business Week. Elance, the Mountain View (Calif.) online-services marketplace that is the Wilburns’ main connection to the cyber-workforce, boasts 48,500 small businesses as clients—up 70% in the past year—posting 18,000 new projects a month. Sites such as, Brickwork India,, and RentACoder also report fast growth. Elance, which makes money by charging subscription fees and a 4% to 6% cut of each project, expects total billings to rise 50%, to $60 million, this year. Guru predicts similar growth, to $26 million.

With improved software, search engines, and new features boosting the industry,several sites now allow buyers to view detailed work samples and customer ratings for thousands of service vendors.

More info on this topic at Business Week

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