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What are you doing to save on gas? (Poll - Vote today!)

By • Jul 2nd, 2008 • Category: Business News

Ok, we’re all hit by the rising gas prices, whether we accept it or not. Everyone I know keeps saying how bad it is, and how it sucks so much. Ya know, it does suck, but rather than thinking in the negative, let’s do something about it. Take action and play your part. With gas prices averaging $4+ nationwide, (I saw $4.80 in the Inland Empire, CA the other day) are you driving less, taking public transportation more, have you purchased a more fuel-efficient car or scooter, or doing something else to save on gas?

So, that brings us to the question:

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  1. I’ve cut down on physical transport, switching to virtual means of running the business. (Saves loads of my precious time, too.)

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