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The 20-Minute Read that Will Save You Thousands of $$$$

By • Jul 2nd, 2008 • Category: Features

Customer Service Whitepaper

Our friends over at Universal Faq Manager wrote up an awesome white paper examining the trends, issues, benefits, costs and implications associated with using an FAQ Manager to manage customer questions in your business. FAQ Management Software is a highly efficient and cost-effective way for any size company to automate the way customer questions are answered, and FAQ software can support a variety of different business applications in any organization.

In enjoyable, easy-to-understand words, you will quickly learn more about using an FAQ Management Software to manage customer questions in your business, including:

  • The 5 important areas where businesses fail to measure up to customer expectations - are you guilty of disappointing your customers without even knowing it?
  • The 3 top market drivers that impact how customer questions are answered - missing just one means losing your competitive advantage
  • The 4 primary challenges associated with managing customer questions - understand them and pump up your revenue; miss them and watch your profits plummet
  • The 4 specific measurable benefits of using a FAQ Manager - do you actually know what you need to measure?
  • Whether a FAQ Manager finally means freedom from customer calls - or not

And - you will also quickly calculate the exact savings and return on investment that a FAQ Manager gives you.

You can download the customer support whitepaper for free at

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