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California Businesses for sale

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List of Businesses for sale in California around San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach, Fresco and San Jose.

California Pet Businesses for Sale: Includes veterinary clinics for sale, animal hospitals for sale, pet supply stores for sale, pet grooming business for sale and pet boutique for sale

California Car Washes for Sale: Includes car wash with real estate for sale, ca wash with lube center for sale and car wash with property for sale

California Gas stations for Sale: Includes mobil gas stations for sale, arco gas stations for sale, gas station with mini mart for sale, gas station with convenience store for sale, gas station with car wash for sale and gas station with auto repair for sale

California Auto Businesses for Sale: Includes auto repair shops for sale, auto body shops for sale, auto towing business for sale, tire center for sale, auto repair with real estate for sale, auto parts accessories business for sale, auto and truck repair for sale, auto transmission repair for sale, AAMCO transmission franchises for sale, auto accessories and customizing business for sale, tire company for sale, auto parts stores for sale, lube and oil change shops for sale, auto lube franchises for sale, auto detailing business for sale, auto repair franchises for sale and tire store franchises for sale.

California Construction Businesses for sale: Includes metal plating business for sale, landscaping contractor for sale, masonry contactor for sale, electrical contractor for sale, flooring contractor for sale, plumbing contractor for sale, cement contractor for sale, air duct cleaning contractor for sale, HVAC business for sale and construction contractor for sale.

California Carpet Cleaning Businesses for sale: Includes carpet cleaning business with van access, carpet and hardwood flooring business for sale, carpet cleaning franchises for sale and carpet and upholstery business for sale

California Phone | Cable Businesses for sale: Includes telephone sales and services for sale, wireless retail phone stores for sale and franchise cell phone store for sale

California Computer Hardware Businesses for sale: Includes computer accessories store for sale, computer manufacturing business for sale and computer sales and repair business for sale.

California Software Companies for sale

California Distribution Business for sale: Includes furniture distribution business for sale, food distribution business for sale, computer software, hardware businesses for sale.

Laundromats-Dry Cleaning-Laundry for sale in California: Includes card laundry, coin laundry for sale, Laundromats for sale, dry cleaners for sale, dry cleaner plant for sale.

California Preschool-Learning Center-Tutoring Business for sale: Includes pre schools for sale, tutoring centers for sale, child education franchises for sale and driving schools for sale

California Payday Loan Stores for sale: Includes investment banking firms for sale, payday loan business for sale and check cashing business for sale.

California Food Businesses for sale
Includes pizza businesses for sale, Deli for sale, Bakery for sale, snack stores for sale, ice cream shop for sale, fast food franchises for sale, sports bars for sale, franchise vending business for sale, bagel businesses for sale and pizzerias

Hair salons | Nail salons | Tanning Salons for sale in health and Beauty Business for sale
Includes Hair Salons for sale, Women’s fitness centers for sale, Beauty Supply stores for sale, Beauty salons for sale, Nail Salons for sale, Spas for sale, Tanning salons for sale, massage clinics for sale, curves fitness center for sale, physical therapy business for sale

Home Garden Businesses for sale
Includes Home interior décor stores for sale, landscaping business for sale, antique stores for sale, furniture stores for sale, home accessory stores for sale

Hotel Business for sale:
Includes bed and breakfast business for sale, Resort hotels for sale and motels for sale

Internet Business for sale:
Includes internet publishing business for sale, website development services for sale, internet marketing franchises for sale, online retail business for sale, online jewelry and gift shop for sale, E Commerce business for sale and Internet Publishing business for sale.

Liquor stores for sale:
Includes liquor stores, bar and lounge for sale

Mail and Shipping business for sale:
Includes postal and mail franchise businesses for sale, UPS store for sale, mailbox store for sale, postal service company for sale, mail centers for sale, mail and business centers for sale and UPS franchises for sale.

Manufacturing business for sale:
Includes apparel manufacturing business, fencing manufacturer for sale, furniture manufacture for sale, textile manufacturing business for sale, Precision tool manufacturing business for sale, Metal manufacturing business, Lingerie manufacturing, Cabinet manufacturing shops for sale, Glass manufacturing business for sale and electrical supplies manufacturing business for sale

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