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Food For Thought? Nibble lightly on this, ladies

By • Jan 31st, 2008 • Category: Businesses for sale

Cupcakes for sale

There’s a lot of attention in online marketing on what’s called “search,” whether it’s organic search or paid search. (i.e., rank high for keywords in your web page code, pay to rank high in results for keywords.) This is true for businesses for sale listing websites like Acquireo.

So how does this Web 2.0 thingy fit in - with its greater participation, collaboration, interactivity, social emphasis, and all that?

In many ways, you hand over the message to your audience. Instead of paying for ads to carpet-bomb or laser-bomb a market position into people’s heads, you let folks adapt, customize, and integrate who you are into who they are. You let them define who you are. (Definitely not good for those with severe control issues.)

When you do this, you can find your audience coming right out of left field.

Here’s an example from a very specialized blog, from what I as a macho guy call a foo-foo fem blog. (And ladies, forgive the term but please know that I use it with humor but also with respect.)

It’s the award-winning Cupcakes Take The Cake, and they are delivering sweet morsels of foo-foo fem visitors, wearing perfect makeup, $250 hosiery, and Chanel everything else. (And the cupcake photos they post? You can actually taste them! Definitely check this blog out.)

Why? We have a cupcake bakery for sale in Denver:

Of course, you’re thinking, “C’mon, Macho Man, how into cupcakes are these wonderful ladies?”

Read this delicate (yet funny) 1/23/2008 post:

Remember the TV show, “The Six Million Dollar Man”??! Well, I just wrote about the $6 dollar Sticky Toffee Cupcake at Charbonnel Et Walker on NewYorkology.

Here’s a bit:

Charbonnel et Walker is a legendary British chocolatier founded in 1875, and they came stateside three years ago and set up a lovely cafe in Saks Fifth Avenue. Though tempted to try a pink champagne truffle, when I saw the Sticky Toffee Cupcake on the menu, I could not resist.

I was amazed. The chocolate cake is rich and infused with dark chocolate sauce. There is no buttercream frosting, but a yummy hot toffee sauce more than made up for it. It was so good that I considered licking the plate. (I didn’t.) The service at the cafe is excellent and if you sit at the counter, you can see the conveyor belt of confections rotate around like a candy factory.

Ladies of the Order of the Cupcakes: a grand and glorious welcome and we’re glad to have you here. Please take a seat, enjoy the décor of Acquireo, and watch the businesses for sale go around the conveyor belt. We’ll be back with your soy lattés, your glasses of North Coast Merlot - and, of course, your cupcakes.

So there you have something to nibble on. Just don’t let me catch you licking the plate.

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