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Acquireo Announcements and Updates: Tagging

By • Jan 29th, 2008 • Category: Acquireo News

Business for sale Tagging

You might have noticed that there are some changes going on here on the website. We’re always looking at ways to serve you even better, but sometimes we get so busy making the changes that we forget to let you know about them. I want to quickly let you know what we have added, updated, changed…and what else we’re cooking on the front and back burners.

That said, let’s get to the updates: In this post: Tagging and tag clouds

Acquireo continues to lead the business for sale industry in technology and new innovative features to help you buy and sell businesses more efficiently and faster. Our tag clouds are just one of the many Web 2.0 features that we are adding into Acquireo.

(We actually added them back in June 2007, but want to make sure you know what they are and how you can use them.)

If you’re not up on the Web 2.0 lingo, you’re saying to your computer screen right now: “What is tagging? How does it help me?” (First, it’s not urban spray paint art.)

One way to describe tagging is techno-dictionary-style:

“A tag is a (relevant) keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information (e.g., a business for sale), thus describing the item and enabling keyword-based classification of information.”

The other way is to describe it so even I can understand it:

It is a keyword that’s displayed as a link that you can click. But it’s more than a regular keyword, since tags can be added by users like sticky notes to anything, like pictures. (This happens on social websites). Click on that link and you get everything connected to that tag. On Acquireo, you get the businesses with those keywords.

OK, you got a couple of definitions of a ‘tag’, so…”What is the point of having it here on Acquireo?”

In talking with a lot of buyers, sellers, and brokers, one thing that comes up again and again while searching businesses for sale: “sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for, so how do you enter the right keywords?” Well, the tags, displayed in groups called tag clouds, on Acquireo, are based on actual user searches performed on Acquireo.

Buyers: view tag clouds and get recommendations and insight as to what other buyers are searching for. And, you may come across keywords that did not come to mind while performing your search.

Sellers: see exactly what keywords buyers actually use to search for businesses - then write your listing with those in your headline and business description so buyers find your business. (btw: The larger and bolder the tag, the higher concentration of businesses for sale for that particular keyword.) Try it out now: Simply click on a keyword to view businesses for sale that are related to that particular keyword.

Go to the Tags Page or view Category Tags or Location Tags

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