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Updates: Acquireo Resource Library

By • Jan 28th, 2008 • Category: Acquireo News

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You might have noticed that there are some changes going on here on the website. We’re always looking at ways to serve you even better, but sometimes we get so busy making the changes that we forget to let you know about them.

I want to quickly let you know what we have added, updated, changed… and what else we’re cooking on the front and back burners.

That said, let’s get to the updates. (Yum, something smells good…)

Update: Acquireo Resource Library

We had to build more shelves to hold the expanded business for sale resources library. Browse the shelves and you’ll find a whole slew of interesting articles for you to read and learn about buying or selling a business. Where did we get the articles? We have experts by the gallon - an entire pool of experts - who come from across all business for sale fields, offering you a wide range of topics, points of view, and insights. These articles are organized into a number of categories to help you find the type of information you need quickly and easily.

By the way, you have quite a bit of expertise, don’t you? It’s time to contribute an article to the Acquireo Resource Library? Whoa, wait a moment, what did you say? Yes, you too can contribute articles to the Library! When you write about something you know and enjoy, it goes quickly. Not quite sure if you’re up for it? Contact us and run the idea by us. (I bet we’ll like it.) If accepted, your article - with your brief bio, contact info, and link - will be permanently posted on site, giving you exposure before thousands of business buyers, business sellers, and their advisors including business brokerages, mergers & acquisitions firms, tax attorneys, and more. And you and I know it’s nice to have your name in lights.

Contact us now to submit your article - or view the Acquireo Resource Library

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  2. thank you for providing all of these educational resources! A wealth of knowledge. Keep up the great articles.

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