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Acquireo Updates: RSS Feeds

By • Jan 28th, 2008 • Category: Acquireo News

Business for sale RSS Feeds

You might have noticed that there are some changes going on here on the website. We’re always looking at ways to serve you even better, but sometimes we get so busy making the changes that we forget to let you know about them. I want to quickly let you know what we have added, updated, changed… and what else we’re cooking on the front and back burners.

That said, let’s get to the updates. In this post: RSS Feeds

Since you responded so positively, and since we love upgrading Acquireo with the latest technologies, we have moved our RSS feeds up to the next level. (RSS feeds are another Web 2.0 feature.)

We created a micro-website specifically focused on providing advanced RSS feeds you can subscribe to for instant updates. Grouped into three major sections - business for sale RSS feeds, business broker RSS feeds, and business for sale resource RSS feeds - you have a variety of information to keep you updated easily.

So check out our new Business for sale RSS feeds website today.

If you’re not familiar with RSS feeds, you can get the lowdown in about 34.7 seconds by reading our article “What is RSS.” And don’t forget to let us know how RSS feeds are helping you.

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