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Finding established businesses on Acquireo: a step-by-step guide

By • Dec 12th, 2006 • Category: Businesses for sale, Features

A number of you mentioned you want a quick overview on using Acquireo to search businesses for sale. Below are some quick and easy ways to help you find the businesses for sale you are looking for: We hope these hints help you find your own business easier!

  1. Basic Searches: Conduct searches by category or by state:
    If you search just by category or by state, you often get too many to look
    through. You may want retail businesses for sale, one of our most popular
    categories, in only certain states. The Solution: combine your basic search
    with the category and the state to narrow down the results: Category: retail
    businesses and State: New York.
    Start your Basic Search now:

  2. Advanced Searches: Use keyword and city searches:
    You can enter city or town names in the keyword or city search along with the
    state or category you choose using the search boxes.

    For example, in searching Miami, Florida:

    1. Choose Florida as your state and:
    2. Use the search boxes:
      • keyword box: enter Miami into the keyword search box, or
      • city box: enter Miami into the city search box

    Note that a number of listings are listed by the county they are
    in, so if a city search doesn’t work for you, try the county (e.g., Fulton for
    Atlanta and Queens, Kings, Nassau, and Suffolk for counties on Long Island).
    Start your Advanced Search now:

  3. Advanced Searches: Use zipcode radius searches:
    This lets you keeps results within 25, 50, 100, 250, or 251+ miles from the
    zipcode you enter. Just go to Advanced Search and click on the tab “zipcode
    search” to bring up your menu.
    Start your Advanced Search now:

  4. Keep Updated: Sign up for e-mail alerts and/or RSS feeds:
    Having invested your valuable time conducting your searches, it would be convenient if you can just get updates on new listings in categories or states you follow, right?

    That’s what e-mail alerts and RSS feeds do for you:

    • E-mail alerts: With e-mail alerts, you can choose to follow a number of categories across a number of states or by zipcode radius and receive alerts daily, instantly, or both. Sign up for e-mail alerts now:

    • RSS feeds: RSS feeds let you follow categories or states using a program that checks Acquireo for updates so you don’t have to revisit the site or check your e-mail. Any and all search results you conduct have a RSS feed. Just look for the orange RSS symbol at the top left, just above your search results. Click on it to get the code to put into your RSS news reader. Learn more about RSS feeds Get standard RSS feeds: by category and by state
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